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News & Events

Admission Ongoing
For 2018-2019 Batch
  • April 2018

    NIHS conducts Parent Teacher meeting with parents and guardian of 1st BPT batch on 5th April, 2018 at college auditorium.

    NIHS concluded its 9th Ethic Committee meeting successfully.

    Dr. Shabnam Agarwal received scholarship awards at World Congress on Osteoporosis Osteoarthritis and Muskuloskeletal Diseases (WCO) - 2018 Krakow - Poland.

    Dr. Shabnam Agarwal - Director Education NIHS, presented two poster at World Congress on Osteoporosis Osteoarthritis and Muskuloskeletal Diseases (WCO) - 2018 Krakow - Poland.

  • March 2018

    Group of 43 students from NIHS (4th year, 3rd year and 2nd year) will participate in OMPTCOM at New Delhi on 10th March, 2018. They will also go for 2 day recreational excursion at JIM CORBET National Park

    NIHS students attend OMPTCON at New Delhi and win prizes and accolades.

    Dr. Shabnam Agarwal - Director Education received awards for Best Academician in OMPTCON.

  • February 2018

    Result of 3rd BPT published all student of NIHS passed with good marks

    NIHS 13th Annual Day was held at GayanManch on 7th February, 2018.

    Free Mobility aids was distributed at Mollarpur, Birbhum District. In continuation of Free Physiotherapy assessment and Mobility aids distribution camp on 17.11.2018. We organised a program to distribute the mobility aids as per the requirement of the patient. The program was conducted at Sri RamkrishnaSatyananda Ashram. The BDO of the area was also present. We distributed nearly 37 mobility aids on that day. The event was organised in association with Rotary Club of Calcutta, Chowrenghee.

    Dr.Shabnam Agarwal, Director Education , NIHS received Nari Shakti Award in recently concluded SPORTSCONNECT a conference focused on Musculoskeletal and Sports.

  • January 2018

    NIHS intra-college competition which include Song, Dance, Sports, Recitation, Drama, Drawing was organised on 7th, 8th and 9th December, 2017. The students were dived in 4 houses viz., (Red Rose, Yellow Marrigold, White lilly and Violet Rhododendron), all the events are competitive and all students participate as per their own choice and skills. This year‘Violet Rhododendron’ won the champion trophy.

    On 155th birth Centenary of Swami VivekanadaJi NIHS conducted 'Free Physiotherapy Camp' at KMC ward office 26 on 12th January, 2018.

    NIHS and its team successfully organised SIPCON 2018 in Kolkata. SIPCON is an international conference organised by Society of Indian Physiotherapists. The conference was held at Novotel, Rajarhat, Kolkata on 26th to 28th of January, 2018. The students of NIHS performed a cultural show at the opening ceremony of the conference, which was appreciated by all. Dr. Shabnam Agarwal, Director Education of NIHS was the organising secretary of this conference.

  • December 2017

    03.12.2017: NIHS in association with Rotary Club of Chowrenghee conducted 'Free Physiotherapy and Mobility Aids' distribution camp at Nopany Physiotherapy Clinic

    NIHS organised seminar on Neuro Dynamics and NeuroMannual Therapy by Dr Senthil P Kumar

    23.11.2017 : NIHS organised an evening outing for MPT students along with Director mam and Faculty members at 'I Can Fly' cafe.

    A cooking competition was organised for MPT students..students were divided among teams and they cook food. Judges were Dr.ShabnamAgarwal, Dr.SubitGhosh, Dr, Gargi Ray Chaudhuri and Mr Anupam Das. Who says MPT students are very studious they are good at other areas of life and the enthusiasm of these student prove that

    College Annual Picnic was organised 19th December, 2017. The picnic was organised at beautiful village in Baruipur at a place called Neel Deep Garden. All students of NIHS and faculty members participated in the said picnic

  • November 2017

    To commemorate World Disability Day, NIHS conducted Free Physiotherapy camp at Mollarpur a small town at Birbhum District

    Final BPT result published

  • September 2017

    On 8th September on World Physiotherapy Day NIHS conducted “Happy Feet Camp” for healthy kids of class III and IV at one of the reputed school of Kolkata

  • August 2017

    Independence Day was celebrated by student and faculty member of NIHS by lighting candle in memory of those who sacrificed their life for Nation

  • July 2017

    NIHS in association with Special Olympics Bharat conducted successful camp Fit Feet atPradeep Centre for Autism, Beleghata, Kolkata

    NIHS in association with Special Olympics Bharat conducted successful camp Fit Feet at Novel Mission Mukundapur Kolkata

  • May 2017

    West Bengal University of Health Sciences, MPT 2015 batch Final Examination started

    NIHS in association with Special Olympics Bharat, train student volunteers for assessment camp on 'Fit Feet'

  • April 2017

    A seminar on stress management was organised in association with Bramhakumaris on 27th August 2017

    A seminar on ICU management was conducted by Dr.UpamanyuGhosh, Chief Physiotherapist, B M Birla Hospital

    NIHS hosted 8 days COMT course conducted by Dr Deepak Kumar

  • March 2017

    NIHS cricket teamreached semifinals of Bengal Physiotherapy Cricket League

    9th Institutional Ethics committee meeting conducted for MPT students’ Research Paper

    1st BPT students got 20 Distinction marks in Physiology and Bio Chemistry at WBUHS examination

    2nd BPT students got 2 Distinction in Exercise Therapy-II & Electrotherapy-II at WBUHS examination

  • February 2017

    Director Dr. Shabnam Agarwal, faculty Dr. Sourov Saha & Dr. Tapas Kumar Pal along with Post graduate students attended SIPCON at Bangalore

    Director Dr. Shabnam Agarwal presented Symposium at SIPCON at Bangalore

    Faculty Dr. Sourov Saha & Dr. Tapas Kumar Pal presented Paper at SIPCON, Bangalore

    NIHS Post graduate student presented Poster at SIPCON, Bangalore

    3rd BPT students got 6 Honours marks in Surgery & Orthopaedics at WBUHS examination

  • January 2017

    NIHS celebrates its Annual day at Kalakunj

    NIHS releases it’s college magazine ‘Sankalp’

    Faculty Dr. Tanusree Basak & Dr Tapas Kumar Pal attended Bharat Special Olympic training program Hossiarpur, Panjub

    Faculty Dr. Gargi RoyChoudhuri attended Physiocon (Physiology Conference) at Midnapore

    Faculty Dr. Anwesh Pradhan & Dr. Sourov Saha with BPT students went to attend International Physiocon 2017 at Kanyakumari

    NIHS students went for excursion at Kanyakumari

    NIHS secured 3rd place in intercollege cultural competition at International Physiocon 2017 at Kanyakumari

    Faculty Dr. Anwesh Pradhan received M. G. MOKASHI BEST PHYSIOTHERAPIST AWARD at International Physiocon 2017

    Faculty Dr. Anwesh Pradhan & Dr, Sourov Saha conducted scientific session as resource person

    NIHS participated as Recovery Partner for Kolkata Full Marathon where Mr. Sachin Tendulkar flag off the race

    NIHS students secured 3rd prize in Model presentation, 1st prize in Essay writing, 1st prize in Poster presentation, 2nd prize in Cultural competition at WBIAP state conference

    Faculty Dr. Anwesh Pradhan & Dr. Sourov Saha conducted scientific session at WBIAP state conference

Dr. Shabnam Agarwal

Dr. Shabnam Agarwal

Associate Professorand Director Education (Nopany Group of Institutions)


  • PhD, Physiotherapy, Curtin University, Western Australia (2011)
  • M.Sc Physiotherapy, University of Wales, College of Medicine (Cardiff) (1998)

Area of Competence

  • Education strategies and development
  • Administration
  • Research & Analysis
  • Physiotherapy Clinical skills

Specialist Courses Taught

  • Cervical spine muscle and movement dysfunctions
  • Therabands, Ball and Balance
  • Research Methodology
  • Kinesio taping

Work Experience

  • Director Education, Nopany Group of Institutions, since 2002.
  • Working as Chief Physiotherapist, Department of Physiotherapy since 1993.
  • Worked as a physiotherapist in Spastics Society of Eastern India 1992-1993.

Teaching Experience

  • Research Methodology
  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Academic Activities

  • West Bengal University of Health Sciences
  • MGM University, Navi Mumbai
  • Manipal University, Manipal

Research Project Guided

  • Prevalence and Risk Factors of Low Back Pain Among Auto-Rickshaw Drivers In Urban Kolkata
  • Effects of Flexibility and Proprioceptive Training on Balance in Older Adults
  • Comparison of Carry-over effects of Two Stretching Protocols on Hamstring Flexibility
  • Effectiveness of an Elastic Bank Exercise Protocol in Tricompartmental Osteoarthritis of the Knee
  • Effects of Isometric Neck Exercise in Sub-acute Neck Pain: A Comparison of Conventional Method versus Elastic Band
  • Prevalence and risk factors of Neck Pain in school teachers in Kolkata


  • Effectiveness of an elastic band exercise protocol in tri-compartmental osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Clinical prediction rule for responders to surgical management of spondylotic cervical radiculopathy at one year
  • Clinical prediction rule for cervical radiculopathy at 3 and 12 months follow-up
  • Segmental cervical vertebral motion and clinical outcomes
  • Segmental radiographic hypomobility- role in cervical radiculopathy presented
  • Reliability and validity of the hindi version of the neck pain and disability scale in cervical radiculopathy patients
  • Evaluation of cervical range of motion in a cervical radiculopathy patient group and a matched control group using the spint-t goniometer
  • The reliability of the spin t cervical goniometer in measuring cervical range of motion in an asymptomatic indian population
  • A study of the pattern of muscle involvement in guillain barre' syndrome

Conference & Presentation

  • Attended the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress 2015, Singapore.
  • Attended the IASM CON, January 9-11, 2015, Mumbai
  • Speaker at the theme symposium on ‘Role of Physiotherapy in Women’s Health’, at the 12th IAP con, Kolkata.
  • ‘Marketing Mantra for Physiotherapists’ a debate at the 50th Annual conference of the IAP, Mumbai.
  • Speaker on the topic ‘Post graduation education-a global perspective’ at the 50th Annual conference of the IAP, Mumbai.
  • Invited as a Judge/ Chairperson for Scientific Sessions at the Annual Conference of the IAP, January 7-9, 2011, Pune.
  • Attended the 16th International WCPT Congress, World Physical Therapy 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Was moderator of the theme symposium ‘ Physiotherapist in service of global health anddisease’ - at the WCPT AWP & IAP congress 2009
  • Invited to Frankfurt, Germany by Theraband Academy, USA, to train as a Theraband Instructor, June 2007.
  • Was the Scientific convenor of the Annual Conference of the IAP, January 2-4, 2007, Kolkata.
  • Invited speaker for the conference theme symposium ‘Exercises -a physiotherapist’sdomain’ at the Annual Conference of the IAP, January , 2006, Ahmedabad.
  • Judged/ Chaired Scientific Sessions at the Annual Conference of the IAP, January ,2006,Ahmedabad.
  • Conducted a Course on Cervical Spine and Upper Quadrant Muscle Dysfunction at Westbank Hospital, Kolkata on January, 2005.
  • Attended the 42nd Annual Conference of the IAP from February 15-17 at Jaipur.
  • Attended a Course on Dynamic Stability and Muscle Balance of the Cervical Spine and UpperQuadranton June 15-18, 2000 held at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester, U.K.
  • Attended the McKenzie Course (Part B) on June 8-10, 2000 held at the King’s Mill Centre, Sutton-in-Ashfield, U.K.
  • Attended the McKenzie Course (Part A) from April 27- 30, 1998 at Chepstow, U.K.
  • Attended the Pre-conference Course on Manual Medicine, Mulligan Concept on January 8 & 9, 1997 at Kolkata.


  • Life member in Indian Association of Physiotherapist
  • Founder member Society of Indian Physiotherapist
  • Confederation of Indian Industries CII
  • Society of Indian Physiotherapists

Editorial Activities

  • Journal of the IAP – Editorial Board
  • JSIP - editor



Awards & Recognition

  • Significant Contribution Award 2016 for excellent academic contribution in the field of physiotherapy, at the 1st International Physiotherapy Conference, Organized by Department of physiotherapy, JanardanRai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University, march 18-20, 2016.
  • Best Clinician Award, received at the 1stPiCON, Bhubneshwar, March 2015.
  • CP Nair Oration award for professional contribution and excellence in research and academics by the IAP, 2009 at the 4th WCPT -AWP and IAP congress, Mumbai, 25th January, 2009.
  • Senior Science Paper Award at the 46th Annual Conference of the IAP, Dehradun, 2008
  • Best Senior Science Paper Award at the 41st Annual Conference of the IAP, Mumbai, 2003
  • Best Junior Science Paper Award at the 37th Annual Conference of the IAP, Chennai, 1999.
  • Best Junior Science Paper Award at the 35th Annual Conference of the IAP, Calcutta, 1997
  • Best Student’s Award at the Annual Conference of the I.A.P., 1993.
  • Gold Medal - Dip. P.T. (1992)
  • Governor’s Medal - 1991.
  • Silver Medal at the All India Basic Leadership Camp, New Delhi, 1990.

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